Rietveld partner with real-time logistics platform

Rietveld can seamlessly integrate its customers' transportation and fleet management systems with Sixfold, Europe's leading real-time logistics platform. This advanced data link allows our customers to know exactly where their goods are and when they arrive - all with minimal manual work.

At the heart of the Sixfold platform is the powerful forecasting engine. This engine combines incoming raw telemetry, map and weather data with advanced machine learning algorithms. This allows users to receive proactive alerts for any shipping delays.

Up to €500 million of goods are monitored every day through the Sixfold platform. This allows customers and shippers to gain business advantage and better plan their operations. The platform supports customers in more than 25 European languages, making it accessible to a wide range of users.

One of the key benefits of the Sixfold platform is security and AVG compliance. The data distributed on the platform is completely secure and complies with all European privacy laws. 

Thanks to this collaboration between Rietveld and Sixfold, companies can optimize their logistics processes and work more efficiently. With minimal manual work, shippers and carriers can now know exactly where their goods are and when they will arrive. This gives them a competitive advantage in the dynamic world of logistics.


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