Track & Trace

EasyTrack | Smart, efficient and scalable Fleet Management

Do you want to plan your field service as efficiently as possible and use as little fuel as possible? Or do you not have time to keep accurate mileage and time records? Do you want to optimize your service and services and know at all times where your vehicles and equipment are located? EasyTrack is a modern and user-friendly online fleet management system based on the latest technologies. Read more.

CelloTrack finds your objects without power source

Some objects don’t have their own power source, therefore Rietveld has developed CelloTrack. Depending on the type of object you wish to trace different versions are available. That is why you will always find a customized solution, which will allow you to keep an complete overview of all the locations of your objects.

SAT-Tracer: Locate your materials/machines with the SAT-tracer

Would you like insight into the location of your materials or equipment 24/7, no matter where they are in the world? The SAT-tracer enables 24/7, real time and around the world, the recording of the current position of your materials/equipment, wherever they are in the world and this is displayed in the EasyTrack platform. The position is determined by GPS satellites and via communication satellites the information is sent to the web application EasyTrack of Rietveld. Using satellite technology, you would no longer have to depend on the coverage of the GPRS network.

RFID | Asset Management

Do you have generators, pumps, containers, tools & trailers and would you like to know where your materials are located at any time? Then EasyTrack RFID Asset Management is the right solution. EasyTrack ERAM combines real-time fleet management and asset management on a single platform.

RSM | Remote Service Monitor

The Remote Service Monitor is an unique and independent service application which can be accessed via the internet. Optimized fleet management at any time and location. The Remote Service Monitor is connected to the vehicle in your current or yet to build in blackbox. Because the Remote Service Monitor uses the latest technologies, tracking and tracing and fleet management are merged into a single application. Online and real-time knowing where your vehicles are and also direct an accurate records about when your vehicles and/or equipment need service and maintenance or require mandatory inspections; that is the power of the Remote Service Monitor!


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