Efficio3 On-Board Computer for Transport

Mobile and versatile on-board computer

The Efficio3 for Android on-board computer can be used inside as well as outside the vehicle. Amongst others for ‘proof of delivery’ applications. The robust design makes the Efficio3 ideal for interactive and real-time communication with the back office.

Activities accountability

In addition to automatic registration of start and end times, with the Efficio3 the driver can justify his activities in a simple way. Every driver records his activities in a uniform manner via the on-board computer. Handwritten day sheets and trip reports are therefore a thing of the past. This activity registration can also be used for automated hourly and expense calculations based on the collective labour agreement (CLA) for professional goods transport.


Create peace for the planning department and reduce telephone traffic by sending text messages. An efficient and safe way of communicating between your drivers and planning. With messaging you can easily send a document scan or photo in the attachment.

Document scanner

Signed waybills, CMRs and other documents are scanned on location with our integrated wireless document scanner and transferred directly via the Efficio3 to your back-office applications for further processing. This way you can invoice faster and you reduce the risk of loss of documents considerably.

EasyTemp | Temperature registration

Do not waste time or money on cargo that is rejected on delivery due to quality discussions. EasyTemp offers you proactive insight into the temperatures of your freight and the possibility to provide your customer with automated reports directly, this prevents discussions, claims and out-of-stock situations with your customers. Read more here.


Thanks to the Android based operating system, external Android apps (third-party apps) can also be installed. Think of e-mail, Office Client or Transfollow. Do you already use an automated app for your order processing? Ask for the possibilities to install it on the Efficio3 on-board computer!

Photo camera

By use of the build-in – small but powerful – camera on the Efficio3 your drivers can always take pictures. For example pictures from defects or damage and send these via messaging, activity reports or directly accompanying the trip order to the back office.

Navigation by GARMIN

The Efficio3 is standard equipped with (truck)navigation by GARMIN. Through our cooperation with the world market leader in navigation, we can offer you high quality navigation at an affordable price. Both car and truck navigation equipped with functions such as traffic information, point of interest, ETA and driving guidance. The fully adjustable vehicle profile takes into account specific limitations such as height, weight, length and width.

Order management integrated with your back office

Saving through efficient order management can be achieved through a link with your TMS system. No more paper trip reports, but an integration with the Efficio3 on-board computer. Direct feedback of status and order information ensures clear planning and quick administrative processing.

Parking Camera System

On average, 15% of all accidents involving reverse driving can be prevented by using parking cameras, according to an investigation by the IIHS. By using wireless cameras, Rietveld always has a system that suits your vehicle. The driver experiences more overview and insight into the traffic situation, which results in safer and less damage being driven. Read more here.

Driving Style Assistant

Reduce vehicle costs and improve the environment with our driving style assistant. This gives your drivers direct feedback on the scores of their driving behaviour and they can improve their driving style immediately. On the basis of accurate and clear reports, you gain insight into the fuel consumption related to driving behaviour and CO2 emissions. Learn more about EasyDrive.

Sign on glass; digital signature  

Send digital signatures direct to your back office with the sign-on-glass application. With this you always have a signed proof of delivery of your cargo.

Track & Trace

Optimize your services with real-time insight into the exact locations of your vehicles and equipment. In addition, there is also accurate insight into the routes driven and interim stops.

TPMS | Tyre Pressure Monitoring System

Always a direct display of tire pressure and tire temperature through a connection with TPMS. You will also receive an alarm message when the pre-set standard is exceeded.

TransFollow | e-CMR via the on-board computer

Rietveld offers you, together with Beurtvaartadres BV (exclusive distributor of TransFollow in the Netherlands), the possibility to integrate TransFollow into the Efficio3 On-Board computer or the Efficio SmartApp for Android. This allows you to experience the speed of the e-CMR combined with the usability of our on-board computer.

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