Drive Lean | Comprehensive Fuel Management

Naturally, you want your organisation to grow by achieving a high operating efficiency. Certainly, if you own a large fleet, it is important to manage your fuel consumption. EasyDrive offers you an accurate and thorough insight in the consumption of your vehicles and machinery. You always receive the correct management information because EasyDrive generates clear reports from the CAN-Bus interface.

Total overview consumption and drivers
Generated Fuel report

You can immediately see the effect of your savings in the vehilcle-reports on vehicle-, driver- or fleet-level. It’s up to you to determine which parameters you set and what data is inmportant enough to be displayed.

Because EasyDrive registers the fuel level in the tank as well, you can also see when fuel is stolen.

Thus EasyDrive gives you the overview of how much fuel has been consumed, by whom and what for.


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