Drive Green – Save fuel with eco driving behavior monitoring

Much attention is being paid to corporate, social responsibility, but how do you achieve this as a company with a large fleet?
Fuel probably causes the largest part of your organisation’s total CO2 emissions, so if you want to run a sustainable enterprise, you cannot skip taking CO2-measures to reduce the emission for your fleet. If you can ensure a conscious driving style, you do not only reduce your CO2 emissions but you also save on fuel costs. If you have a large vehicle fleet or drive many kilometres a year, a small reduction in consumption can quickly result in significant savings.

By using EasyDrive, you can encourage your drivers to drive more economically. Your drivers receive a score on their driving behaviours based on the following factors:


You can also choose to further support your drivers with feedbacks on our in-vehicle screen. The drivers then have their own driving style coach and receive real-time feedback on their driving behaviour.
You can also simply use the organised reports on the scores of the drivers and the fuel consumption of your vehicle fleet.

CO2 overview fleet per vehicle
Drivers score overview

Savings of an average of 8% have already been achieved through intensive use of EasyDrive. The latter has been awarded the “Lean and Green” Tool certificate from the Dutch Lean and Green Network, partly for that reason. Being granted this certificate entails that our solution allows companies to reduce their CO2 emissions. Dutch Lean and Green is part of the European Network.


By reducing the CO2 emissions of your fleet using an economic driving style, you take a huge step toward sustainable enterprise.


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