EasyDrive | Fuel Saving and Driving Style Analysis

Save on fuel and maintenance costs and reduce CO2-emmisions

Fuel costs and maintenance costs represent a major part of your total vehicle costs and both components are strongly influenced by the driving style of you drivers. Therefore they can make an important contribution to saving on these costs. Just knowledge on how to drive more efficiently is not enough. Your drivers also a need direct feedback on the current functioning. By monitoring fuel consumption and driving style, your drivers become aware of their behavior and are stimulated to make an effective contribution to improving your business performance.
The driving behavior of the driver is analyzed and judged on the basis of customer and vehicle-specific parameters to which scores are assigned. Using these indicators, a benchmark is created in which, among other things, the following indicators are used:

  • Use cruise control
  • Speed
  • rPM
  • Stationary time
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Roll out (‘Coasting’)

The EasyDrive module gives you more insight into the driving behavior of the drivers, the fuel consumption and the associated CO2 emissions. Research has shown that active guidance on driving behavior can result in fuel savings of an average of 8 to 12%! (Source: TNO)
In addition, active management of improving driving behavior, with the help of EasyDrive, naturally leads to a reduction in maintenance costs.

  • Monitor your fuel consumption

Using CAN-bus data, EasyDrive generates clear reports about the fuel consumption and driving style of your drivers and vehicles. Based on customer and vehicle-specific parameters, driving behavior is analyzed and evaluated and scores are also awarded.

Thanks to these easy-to-read reports, you can create a ranking of your drivers and compare who has the most economical driving style. In this way, you have more insight into the fuel consumption of your fleet, related to driving behavior and can encourage your drivers to improve their driving behavior even further, which lead to an even more economical driving style. Indicators such as speed, acceleration, brake performance, speed, drive time and cruise control are presented in a clear manner so that you can give your drivers good feedback with this detailed information.

  • Determine the standards yourself

For the indicators that EasyDrive measures, you determine the standard, depending on the type of vehicle and the type of work. For a van different standards apply to a truck. You determine which standards best suit your company and drivers.

  • EasyDrive has a quick ROI

EasyDrive provides you with accurate insight into the behavior of your drivers, fuel consumption and related CO2-emissions. Research from TNO has shown that active driving guidance can result in fuel savings of 8 to 12%!

Lean and Green Solution

EasyDrive is officially a Lean and Green Solution. This means that Lean and Green has confidence in EasyDrive and that companies that use this solution can significantly reduce vehicle costs and reduce CO2-emissions. www.lean-green.nl

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