Fuel Management

The developments in the telematics industry are extremely fast. Whether it’s tracking and tracing or a fully integrated on-board computer: processes get faster and more efficient. Over the past 25 years, we have deepened and further developed all the possibilities within Fleet Management.

In addition, we have an extensive expertise in the field of Fuel Management. We are convinced that much fuel can be saved by proactively promoting good driving habits and the monitoring of fuel consumption. Of course, we have all the necessary experience and knowledge to guarantee a successful installation and delivery of our solutions.

Rietveld International is a specialist in the area of fleet management and fuel management and with EasyDrive, we offer you the link you need to manage your fleet at optimum.

EasyDrive | Fuel Saving and Driving Style Analysis

Fuel costs and maintenance costs represent a major part of your total vehicle costs and both components are strongly influenced by the driving style of you drivers. Therefore they can make an important contribution to saving on these costs. Just knowledge on how to drive more efficiently is not enough. Your drivers also a need direct feedback on the current functioning. By monitoring fuel consumption and driving style, your drivers become aware of their behavior and are stimulated to make an effective contribution to improving your business performance. Learn more.

Fuel Registration

Rietveld International and Harrewijn Fuel Management integrates fuel data from both vehicle CAN-bus and fuel pumps. Comparing the amount of fuel distributed to actual consumption, makes it impossible to fill the fuel in unauthorised vehicles or containers. EasyDrive is accessible in real-time by your fleet manager.

Neck-It | Anti-Fuel Theft Device

Fuel theft from vehicles is endemic and getting worse. On the road or in a depot – external or internal. Fuel theft must be stopped now. Losing just 25 litres diesel a week from a truck, costs 1450 euro per year -straight off the bottom line. A small one off purchase can put an end to fuel theft. With a very rapid payback, the world-leading InstantFit NECK-IT!®pays for itself in weeks. InstantFit NECK-IT® fits all makes of trucks and buses - DAF, Mercedes, Scania, MAN, Volvo, Renault, Iveco, Izuzu and more. Artic tractors, mid range rigids, small trucks InstantFit NECK-IT® fits all.

EasyProtect | Fuel Theft Detection Device

EasyProtect detects fuel theft and send an alarmsignal immediately after detection. The device can be connected to a siren, a flashing light, alarms or mobile phones. The system will alarm as soon as the fuel level drops significantly. The system doesn't require any extra sensors, because it uses the signal of the existing siphon in the tank.

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