The developments in the telematics industry are extremely fast. Whether it’s tracking and tracing or a fully integrated on-board computer: processes are to get faster and more efficient. Over the past few years, we have deepened and further developed all the possibilities within fleet management. You will find an overview on this website.

In addition, we have an extensive expertise in the field of fuel management. We are convinced that much can be saved by proactively promoting good driving habits and the monitoring of fuel consumption.

Of course, we have all the necessary experience and knowledge to guarantee a successful installation and delivery of our solutions.

Track & Trace

Would you like insight into the location of your vehicles, materials or equipment 24/7, no matter where they are in the world? Rietveld offers you a variety of Track & Trace Solutions. Read more here.

Fuel Management

Using CAN-bus data, EasyDrive generates clear reports about the fuel consumption and driving style of your drivers and vehicles. Based on customer and vehicle-specific parameters, driving behavior is analyzed and evaluated and scores are also awarded. Read more here.

Driving Style

Fuel costs and maintenance costs represent a major part of your total vehicle costs and both components are strongly influenced by the driving style of you drivers. Therefore they can make an important contribution to saving on these costs. Read more here.

On-board Computers

Every company is unique, that is why Rietveld offers customized solutions. This is also the case with our on-board computers. We divide these into three main groups; the Efficio3 on-board computer, the Efficio Coach – specifically for Touringcars and our Efficio SmartApp for Mobile. There are numerous additional options per category, so whatever solution you choose, you have exactly what you are looking for and only pay for what you use. Read more here.


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