Rietveld: For 25 years the Route to Efficiency

Rietveld is a leading international company with over twenty years of experience in the area of fleet management in the transport and logistics sector. Rietveld’s solutions such as EasyTrack fleet management ensure simplified planning and a reduced and simplified administration. This leads to improving the efficiency of your company.

A long lasting and successful relationship is guaranteed because Rietveld provides all the required disciplines. This includes our own Research & Development, Project management, Helpdesk, Aftersales & Service and Sales department. Rietveld is not affiliated with a dealer organisation, but develops and delivers its own fleetmanagement systems. Therefore we are a flexible organisation, with short communication lines.

To get optimal value from our solutions, Rietveld has been working closely with renowned partners for years in the transport and logistics automation sector.

In short, Rietveld helps you to further strengthen your competitiveness by helping you find the appropriate solutions.

“Our mission is to form an important link in your business process through our solutions, leading to a structural improvement of your operating results.”

Our Vision
As an experienced, progressive and dynamic organization, Rietveld aims at becoming and remaining a leading supplier, using our knowledge of the latest technologies to anticipate the needs of the market. Thanks to a controlled growth, Rietveld want to realise the wishes of its customers worldwide, preserving at the same time its local character.

E: info@rietveld.nl

T: +31 (0) 184 65 29 10