Optimize driving style with EasyDrive

Why improve driving style?

A good driving style has an influence on the fuel consumption of the car, but also on how often maintenance is required, how much damage and wear costs are incurred and the image of your company.

Most drivers would like to drive well, but do not know how or in what way they can improve their driving style. In the daily hustle and bustle, actively working on a good driving style is quickly forgotten.

Clear reports of vehicle and driver performance

The online platform EasyDrive translates the raw data (measured via the CAN bus) into clear reports of CO2 emissions and fuel consumption, into a ranking of the driving behavior of the drivers. You determine the standard for the indicators that EasyDrive measures, depending on the type of vehicle and the type of work. Different standards apply to a delivery van than to a truck. You determine which standards best suit your business operations and drivers.

A baseline measurement is created using these key figures, using the following indicators, among others:

  • Use cruise control
  • Speed
  • Rpm
  • Idle time
  • Acceleration
  • Deceleration
  • Rolling out (‘Coasting’)

Regular feedback leads to structural behavioral change

Through regular feedback, drivers are becoming increasingly aware of their driving style and behaviour. As a result, they will automatically act more consciously and competently. With positive effects for fuel consumption and the image of the company. With the regular feedback from EasyDrive, they will actively improve their driving style and remain alert to this until this becomes a structural change in behaviour.

More self-confidence leads to increased road safety

Because drivers no longer have to worry about their driving style, peace is created. This allows them to focus on traffic and the environment, which leads to increased road safety.


Image improvement

A calm driving style of drivers shows that your company is committed to sustainability for personnel and the environment.


Insight & Engagement

By communicating more often with your drivers about driving style and sharing insights and improvements, you create more involvement in the workplace.

Durable and cost effective

The positive effects of the new driving style can result in 5 to 10% less CO2 emissions and also 5 to 10% less fuel costs. EasyDrive is a recognized Lean & Green Tool.

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