About Ecco: safety and emergency systems in alarms and strobe beacons

Ecco is an international company with one mission: to develop safety and emergency solutions to protect human lives.

The English company has been providing safety systems such as reversing alarms and strobe lights since 1971. They were the first to make reversing alarms and they are still the market leader. Ecco operates in more than 67 countries, and they work closely with brands such as John Deere and Ford.

Ecco is a partner supplier of Rietveld. Quality is a shared value here. For example, the products meet the regulations of the ECE R65 inspection and Ecco products are maintenance-free.

Solutions from our supplier are available for practically every sector. Think about agriculture, transport & logistics or emergency services.

Product information

One of the Ecco products we offer is the ECCO EA9070. This powerful reversing alarm is suitable for all rough conditions. For example, on a large vehicle working in harsh conditions.

You might recognize the beeping sound of a classic reversing alarm. Annoying? Many think so. For that reason, this alarm has an alternative.

For example, it does not sound a beep but a crackling noise. This white noise (crackling sound) is spread very specifically in one area. Bystanders hear this sound well and are alerted but the rest of the neighborhood is not affected.

This is one of the products we offer from Ecco. View the full range in flashing and strobe lights here.

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