Current partners

March 12, 2019

Trigona Ltd.

Trigona created a Platform that combines the interaction of several fundamentally different from each other's systems. A number of applications have been resolved on the Platform and implemented on cluster system FindLoc and have proven to be an economic effect in the industries. The Platform can provide a new vision for the sale of any product through the reconfiguration of the existing algorithm. The main principle of Trigona is in engineering and innovative approach to business processes and the use of these processes for robotics, nanotechnology and nanomaterials, which invariably leads to investment projects and innovations in business. Trigona Ltd. | Riga, Latvia
March 12, 2019

La Puerta

La Puerta Colombia was founded early 2015 by Jaco Mijderwijk, who moved from Holland to Colombia in 2012. Having worked for various IT companies for about 22 years as an international senior sales, he was commissioned to setup sales in Latin America for a Dutch automotive company. Realizing that the the fleet management market in Latin America is not being offered solutions to meet their demands, Jaco started La Puerta Colombia to comply with this demand. He believes and has shown that a perfect fit between information and processes can reduce cost by more than 10%. The last three years La Puerta Colombia has been focusing on building a team that can meet with current and future demands within the sector, combining worldwide knowledge and process optimization. La Puerta Colombia believes that with superb information presented in the best way, it is possible to optimize driving style in Latin America to be at the highest possible level. The way La Puerta Colombia wants to achieve this, is by giving drivers the tools to understand what it is to truly drive in a safe and sustainable economical fashion and provide the fleet owners with the information to support their drivers. Read more on La Puerta here.
December 18, 2017

Smartwatch Solutions ltd

Smartwatch Solutions ltd strives to develop worldwide partnerships that have a lasting impression in Security, Transport Resource, Fleet Management and Information Technology in the emerging economies. A solution based approach to tracking & monitoring Smartwatch incorporates worldwide location based asset monitoring through the utilization of state-of-the-art hardware and our uniquely developed WebTrack/FM-Web software. Cooperation with Rietveld Smartwatch Solutions ltd started the cooperation with Rietveld in 2017 and together they strive to optimize the Fleetmanagement for every customer.