Become a partner

EasyDrive is available for various countries, markets and segments.  It can  be used in many different types of vehicles and machinery because EasyDrive is fed with data from the CAN-bus.

EasyDrive could be the supplement to your product portfolio; perhaps you are already supplying track and trace products or active in the fuel (savings) sector in a different way. EasyDrive allows you to provide your customers the possibility to save fuel, protect the environment and work safely.

A unique feature of EasyDrive is providing your (potential) clientele the option of doing it the way you like to see it done. EasyDrive is White Label and can contain your company-logo and your preferred language. We are also ready to help you develop and further customise the system to fit your target group. We have our own R&D and develop our own software. Do you have an idea of which will help us go forward together? Please contact us.

To see some examples, please check out our current partners and see who has gone before you and how they made EasyDrive their own.

Interested in EasyDrive or have new ideas and still looking for a specialist in the area of fuel management? Do not hesitate to contact us.


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